Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sustainability in Phoenix

We spent a wonderful holiday season in phoenix with 70 degree high temperatures and wonderful sunsets.  Over the past week we have observed many sustainable modes of transportation and sustainability initiatives throughout the city. I wanted to show a few of those here. One of the first things that we saw was a hybrid car taxi service which we now see all over town. 
Phoenix has recently invested in a light rail system that is expanding through town (which is evident from construction in multiple places around town). This mode of transportation has been well received.  I had the opportunity to ride the first weekend that the light rail opened in December 2008 and had over 11 million riders in its first year.

We saw this truck while driving the roads in Phoenix.  I had not heard of America Textile Recycling Service before.  It looks like an interesting recycling model. After reading their website, I still could not tell if you could recycle textiles and shoes that were at the end of their wearable life.  I have been looking for a place to take old cloths that have extreme wear and holes in it.

I had the opportunity to help my mom take her electronic scrap to an e-scrap recycle day.  They seem to have a couple of these a year that travel around the valley so that a close event (like this one seven miles away) happens just a couple of times a year.  That makes the ISU Recycle Center look pretty good with their daily e-scrap drop off service.
One thing that Phoenix has going for it are the nice sunsets and did I mention the 70 degree December high temperatures.

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