Thursday, December 19, 2013

Drive to Phoenix - Wind Turbines in Texas

Driving through Texas we saw many wind farms.

When we stopped at a rest area in Texas, they had a nice display on wind power generation for Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma presented by Alternative Energy Institute at West Texas A&M University ( This lead me to some further searching online where  I found the American Wind Energy Association report from 2012 that has updated information for the entire nation for wind energy production (Data from AWEA 2012 Annual Wind Industry Market Report Summary). The map below shows the number wind turbines by state up through 2012. reports the amount of all forms of alternative energy production by state ( Maine has achieved 100% of its energy needs through alternative energy. This is a great interactive map where you can hover over a state or click on it to get information about its alternative energy production. 

Traveling across the United States, I have been impressed with the amount of wind power capacity that has been installed over the last decade.

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